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The Ayoka Boss Candle Care Kit

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Product Details
UPC: 850023641335
Brand: Ayoka Essentials


Good candles deserve good care so they burn properly and last longer. And who wants smudgy fingers or smokey residue? This matte black set includes a Wick Trimmer and a Candle Snuffer. And yes- you're welcome!

Benefits of a Wick Trimmer. A wick that is too long will cause excess smoke and create excess wick debris to collect at the top of the wick- not fun and not safe. An untrimmed wick can also cause the candle to burn too hot, which can affect the fragrance throw and cause your candle to burn faster than necessary.

Benefits of a Snuffer. Candles smell great, but that smoke after you blow them out...not so great. Blowing out candles without any tool can cause excess smoke, a strong burnt aroma, plus can cause hot wax to blow out of the vessel and onto your wall or candle surface.

Get these benefits when you get a kit today!

  • Prolong the life of your candles
  • Reduce excess smoke and burnt aroma
  • Eliminate smudgy fingers
  • Keep soot from making your vessel dirty
  • Make it easy to trim wicks in tall holders
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Love at first smell! Just added Sweet Pairings to my collection- sweet pear with a light zing of ginger- say what?!. No matter your scent preferences, Ayoka has a bespoke products for your taste.

Carla B.

What makes our home fragrance different

A proudly female-owned business, we’re committed to providing the best home fragrance products in a way that is plant-based, vegan-friendly, and environmentally sustainable. We’re also committed to philanthropy, donating 10% of our profits to charities near and dear to our hearts.

Paraben Free
Female Owned
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