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Love at first smell! Just added Sweet Pairing to my collection- sweet pear with a light zing of ginger- say what?!. No matter your scent preferences, Ayoka has a bespoke candle, diffuser, and room spray for your taste.

~Carla B.

Mom’s choice alert! All-natural ingredients and essential oils that don’t only smell good but puts your mind at ease. Love that I can use the oils for my hands and cuticles as an extra perk. Who says you can’t enjoy some self-care as a new mom.

~Su Park

It's the all-natural ingredients for me and the amazing scents… my go-to for reed diffusers and room sprays. A little secret... the candles are great for massages...wink! 

~Nikki Lee

OMG! For all the candle snobs out there who’ve paid big $$ for candles just to be disappointed by the throw, this is it. Chic, sophisticated and the best scent throw you've been looking for. Hurry and get yours today!

~KenYata J.

Best kept secret! These candles are beautiful and the wax (cold or hot) melts into the most soothing moisturizer. They make lovely gifts for any special occasion and it feels good supporting a small business.

~Brian P.

It’s true...not all candles are created the same. Unparalled sophistication for luxury candle lovers out there. The only brand I gift to those with a passion for candles because of the quality and reliability of this brand.

~Saran T.


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