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Our Favourite Candle Scents for Men

You might think candles are best left to Aunt Betty, séances or dinner parties, but things have changed. Men's tastes have evolved from dark dorm rooms into luxurious spaces. How these spaces smell is as important as the furniture or the pop art on the walls. Candles make your home more inviting.

And, for men who may opt to light a fire than shop for candles, there are plenty of options made specifically for them. Which is why we'll explore how candle scents have evolved, how a scent is defined, and how to choose the right scent for you (or the man in your life!)

What's Defined as a Great Scent for Men?

Let's answer the question that's on your mind: just what do men look for in a great candle scent?

Depending on the man, his mood, and his space, there are options for spicy, smokey, musky or sultry fragrances that can connect with more of a masculine vibe.

For example, scents reminiscent of the woodlands are connected with warming, calming notes and are known to ease stress and/or tension. Our Enchanting Woods candle combines notes of white tea, numerous scented woods, inviting spices, bergomat and amber .

Other common scents many men gravitate towards include:

  • Evergreen

  • Fir

  • Eucalyptus

  • Peppermint

  • Black pepper

  • (And, for a more modern take) Bourbon or fruit

Of course, the ideal candle scent will depend on his tastes.

How To Pick the Right Candle Scent for the Men in Your Life

Scents are an invisible part of our personal style and have a powerful effect on our emotions and memories. Similar to selecting that perfect cologne, hand lotion, body wash, or aftershave - scents react differently with each person.

If you're searching for his ideal scent, think of what's in his self-care drawer or shower to help narrow down some ideas. Think about scent aversions, especially if he is sensitive to strong-smelling fragrances? If so, there are options to save him (and you!) a literal headache.

Also, consider where, why, and how frequently the candle will be used. Softer scents like evergreen do well in smaller spaces, whereas stronger fragrances like cedarwood permeate large areas for longer periods.

Embrace the Possibilities of Candle Scents He'll Enjoy

Unsure which one of our candle scents would be perfect for him?

Reach out to us for a personalized recommendation, as we've designed our candles, diffusers and room sprays for multiple seasons, purposes and spaces.

Oh, and if we haven't mentioned it already, we're 100% plant-based, vegan-friendly, and environmentally sustainable.

We also donate 10% of all profits to the charities nearest and dearest to our hearts! We want you to feel good knowing you're giving back to the community with every purchase.

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